Thursday, January 23, 2014

Featuring Sprinkled Pink in Texas Giveaway

Sprinkled Pink in Texas is having a giveaway on FB.  I have to admit what caught my eye was the adorable burner pictured which you can see below.  Seeing this giveaway gave me an idea for possibly a new series for this blog going forward as well as a way to ask you all how do you market your business.  This is is an absolutely great way to do so, she is asking her fans what their favorite scent is and requesting them to like the posting, which is pretty cool.  

I have to be honest I'm kind of hoping that I win as I have never experienced Pink Zebra but if not it still gave me an opportunity to find a cool giveaway and share with all of you.

Here is the information for her giveaway

One amazing fan will win a goodie bag from me! Like the collage photo then comment what you're favorite scent is.  Again go to  Sprinkled Pink in Texas